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Project Firebird Dulux

Project Firebird

  • Company: Dulux NZ Ltd
  • Location: Seaview, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Date: January 2010 - September 2011
+ Overview

This project involved the following:

  • Relocation & upgrade of latex tank & pumping systems
  • Relocation of existing services and pipework
  • Relocation & modification of dust & fume handling systems
  • Manufacturing & installation of safety guarding & gates
  • Installation of mixing & filling equipment in new factory
  • Installation of new multifunction filling machines
  • Upgrade of Water treatment & Effluent Plant
  • Commissioning
= Outcome

CMS was the only company to tender outside the Wellington Region and bought some innovative construction methods to the table.  The Dulux project team was very impressed by the unique methodologies we employed to reduce risk and cost, whilst still being able to keep the plant in production.

The subsequent stages were also awarded to CMS.

A safety award was also given to CMS, acknowledging our 17,000 CMS man-hours with no LTI’s

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CMS Project Supervisor
Dan Fong

Project Manager
Richard Odgen - Hawkins Construction

"Working with Contract Mechanical Services is a pleasure, you don't have to remind them about site rules, programme requirements and quality is never an issue. They are professional and are in control of all the work they do."

Richard Ogden
Project Manager


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The client was impressed by methodologies to reduce risk and cost, whilst still keeping the plant in production…

Dulux NZ Project Firebird
Project Firebird
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