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Tank Construction
Tank Construction

CMS manufacture bulk storage tanks for various industries – from 500 litres to 200,000 plus litres. Some of New Zealand’s largest industry players have engaged CMS to manufacture – or design and manufacture – their chemical storage tanks, including Orica and Fonterra.

Tank Export

Our workshop neighbours the Port of Tauranga, meaning very cost efficient exporting of tanks and vessels. We have manufactured and supplied over 60 vessels over the past 5 years, delivering them all over New Zealand, as well as exporting to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The ease and competitive prices we offer for exporting - combined with our robust design and quality workmanship - has allowed us to expand our customer base for these tanks internationally.

Installing pre-fabricated tanks

HSNO Certified

CMS is HSNO certified to design and to fabricate
stationary container systems to API 650 and AS 1692

Various Materials

We are qualified to design and fabricate vessels from:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hastalloy
  • Incalloy
  • Duplex Stainless Steel

Quality Assurance

  • We use only currently qualified welders for tank fabrication
  • We use only accredited reputable suppliers for all materials
  • NDT and design verification is independent
  • Full QA documentation is provided
  • All components are designed to the appropriate codes
  • Handrails and Ladders are manufactured to AS 1657
  • Seismic checks are usually to NZSEE1170

Recent Tank Projects

Whangarei District Council


Whangarei District Council

  • Water Treatment Tanks - 2 x 60,000L Tanks

Contact Energy


Te Mihi PowerStation, Taupo

  • 80,000 L Bulk Sulphuric Acid Tank




  • 18,000L Resolv Tank
  • 3 x Cream CIP Tanks
  • 2 x 15,000 L Sulphuric Tanks
  • 10,000L Nitric Tank
  • 10,000L Sulphuric Tank
  • 15,000 Triplex/Nitric Tank – including installation

B W Murdoch

  • 10,000L Sodium Hydroxide
  • 30,000L Nitric
  • Caustic Tank
  • Resolv Tank
  • Various Sulphuric Tanks – including 10,000L (with installation) and 40,000L
  • Triplex/Nitric Tank
Tasman Dairy  

Tasmania Dairy Products, Australia

  • 2 x 20,000L Tanks

Tatua Dairy

  • 10,000L Nitric Tank
  • 25,000 Sulphuric Tank


  • Header Tank - PAC Plant
  • PAC Reactor
  • Alum Reactor
  • Tank 124,126,123 - Phosphoric/Nitrobrite
  • 10,000L Sulphuric Tank
  • 3 x Tanks Food Grade Mix Plant
  • 4 x Tanks for Synlait
  • 3 x Tanks for Country cheese
  • Miex plant
  • 23,000L process water tank
  • 5,000L Sulphuric Tank


  • 50,000L Feed Water Storage Tank


  • 500L Sulphuric Tank

Momentive Specialities

  • 2 x 68,000L Resin Tanks complete with 80nb stainless steel cooling coils









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