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Alum Reactor Replacement

Alum Reactor replacement

  • Company: Orica Chemnet
  • Location: Morrinsville, New Zealand
  • Date: November 2010
+ Overview

CMS were contracted by Orica Chemnet to undertake the following:

  • Fabricate a new incolloy 825 alum sulphate reactor
  • Fabricate a new roof platform
  • Remove walkway on roof above the reactor and remove a section of roof above the reactor. Lift existing reactor our through the hole in the roof, lift the new incolly reactor in through the roof. Install new section of roof and new platform.
  • Replace 130m alum sulphate product lines, glued ABS and welded poly propylene plastics
= Outcome

CMS developed a welding procedure for hastalloy, incolloy and other exotic stainless steels. We have used this procedure on various jobs but the alum reactor project was the largest undertaking at that time.

It had 100% X-Ray and NDT certification, and all components excluding the 12mm thick dome bottom were formed and fabricated in our workshop.

This reactor has been in service for 2+ years and has shown no sign of deterioration or damage. During the commissioning, there were some capability issues with the sulphuric acid feedline that had been designed by the Project Consultant.  CMS designed a dropper system solution that is still in service today.

CMS Project Supervisor
Tony Jump

Project Manager
Phil Latham - Orica Chemnet

Listing Lead In Text:

The CMS team fabricated an incolloy 825 alum sulphate reactor, using our proprietary welding procedures...

Orica Chemnet  Alum Reactor replacement
Alum Reactor replacement
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