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Carbon Steel Pipe

Eastport - Prefabrication & Installation of Carbon Steel Pipe

  • Company: Golden Bay Cement
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Date: May 2009 - November 2009
+ Overview

The CMS team were engaged to fabricate and install blown cement lines.

The large sections of pipe and fittings were fabricated in our workshop using the latest mig welding processes to ASME IX.

The pipe was then fully blasted and painted by our subcontractor and transported to site for installation by our site crew.

There were numerous multi valve manifolds and piping systems to install as well as attachment to the blower units.

The pipe required ranged from 50nb to 500nb to ASME IX, including pipe supports & secondary steel. The pipe support steel was of heavy and complex construction due to the pressure and product being pumped.

= Outcome

Due to the improvements to the welding processes that CMS had introduced, the quality and finish of the fabricated sections was extremely high.  Our customer was extremely happy with the workmanship and the ability of the CMS staff and as a result, gave us a lot of extra work that they couldn't get completed.

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CMS Project Supervisor
Dan Fong

Project Manager
Steve Livesey & Don Hooper - Fletcher Construction

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CMS were selected to prefabricate and install carbon steel pipe at Golden Bay Cement, Auckland…

Prefabrication & Installation of Carbon Steel Pipe
Eastport Carbon Steel Pipe Install
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