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Mighty River Power Kawerau

Condensor Repairs & Hotwell Hatch install

  • Company: Mighty River Power
  • Location: Kawerau, New Zealand
  • Date: September 2012
+ Overview

Contract Mechanical Services were asked if they could provide some technical assistance in developing a methodology for doing the repairs on a condensor that was damaged and had some design issues.

  • After an initial meeting with MRP project engineers, we modified the original methodology and provided some basis for redesign. This was passed to and approved by the offshore manufacturer of the condensor.
  • We were then engaged to carry out the modifications/repairs in accordance with the repair method. During the shut phase, CMS was engaged to install hatchways to the hotwell pump bases for easier future access in to the pumps.
  • Our team also carried out modifications and repairs to various pipes and equipment around the site, including 316 and 2205 stainless steels and carbon steel heat-treated vessels. 
  • All the fabrication and welding was M&I inspected and all the welders were qualified to ASME IX welding code.  All to be done in a limited time frame.   
= Outcome

CMS completed all scheduled work - and additional unforeseen work - with the same manpower, two days ahead of schedule and with no LTIs.           

All work complied to NDT standards, and no repairs have been required.                                               

We were acknowledged with a Safety Award for Best Shut Contractor for this project.

CMS Project Supervisor
Tony Jump

Project Manager
Tim Debenham - Mighty River Power

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Mighty River Power engaged CMS to repair a condensor and install a hotwell hatch, all in a limited time frameā€¦

Mighty River Power
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