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Plant Reactor Replacements

PAC Plant Reactor Replacements

  • Company:Orica Chemnet
  • Location: Morrinsville, New Zealand
  • Date:2010 and 2012
+ Overview

This project including the following tasks:

  • Fabrication of 2 rubber lined carbon steel reactors
  • Removal of the 2 existing reactors and connecting equipment and pipework
  • Installation of the 2 new reactors and connecting equipment
  • Removal of the existing 70m Nb25 sch80 pvc hydrochloric acid line and header tank, and replacement with new Nb40 sch80 pvc and new valves and flowmeter
  • Design, fabrication and installation of guarding on all exposed shafts and conveyors
= Outcome

CMS was engaged to assist in the design and manufacture of these two reactors.  They were fabricated in our workshop and had a chemical resistant rubber lining installed by Blackwoods Paykels.

Each of the reactors was installed on separate shutdowns, and CMS planned and carried out the shuts, along with additional extra work that was required during that period.

CMS Project Supervisor
Tony Jump

Project Manager
Phil Latham  - Orica Chemnet

Listing Lead In Text:

The CMS team assisted Orica Chemnet with the design and manufacture of two PAC Plant reactors…

Orica Chemnet PAC Plant Reactor Replacements
PAC Plant Reactor Replacements
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