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Hypo Plant Upgrade - IXOM

Hypo Plant Upgrade - IXOM

  • Company: IXOM NZ Ltd
  • Location: Mount Maunganui
  • Date: October 2019 - October 2020
+ Overview

This project involved the development and certification of a Titanium ASME IX Weld procedure in order to modify the existing Reactor.

  • Extend and modify Titanium GR2 vessel
  • Manufacture & install Stainless Steel and CPVC piping systems
  • Install various tanks and vessells
  • Manufacture & install chlorine handling manifolds and cleaning systems.
  • Commissioning
= Outcome

This was an interesting and exciting project, working with Titanium (one of a handful of companies in NZ that have a procedure to do so).  COVID Lockdown created challenges in sourcing materials, components and parts but the staff worked through Level 4 to met the deadlines.  

Production of product is now exceeding expectations.

No incidents or injuries occured on the project. 

CMS Project Manager & Supervisor

Dennis Gore & Gareth Lilley

Project Manager
Ben Smith - Technical Manager NZ, IXOM

Listing Lead In Text:

The Hypo Plant needed upgrading for capacity which entailed modifying the existing Titanium Reactor....

Hypo Plant Upgrade - IXOM
Hypo Plant Upgrade - IXOM
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